the Sandra Run dog kennel with run - one of the range of pet houses available


traditional yard dog kennels or larger kennels with runs ...

Special accomodation for your special "friend" our range of wooden kennels provide the best in kennel design coupled with runs complete with separate personal doors.

Country Kennel

Shedlands - Country Kennel

Standard Features

- 4' x 6' kennel with floor, access door with bob hole
- 6' run with 50 x 50mm
- galvanised weldmesh
- run with bottom drainage for easy cleaning


- eaves ht. 1820mm
- ridge ht. 2295mm
- door in run 1757 x 600mm
- door in kennel 1765 x 604mm
- framing 50 x 50mm
- cladding 16 x 125mm

DIMENSIONS: 3000 x 1800mm (10' x 6' nominal)

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Sandra Run

Shire - Sandra Run Kennel

Standard Features

Available in 1190 x 1190 mm (4' x 4') with either a 1790 mm (6') or 2390 mm (8') long run.
The roof and floor are produced from OSB.
The run is produced without a floor.
There are separate personal doors to kennel and run.
Sliding door for dog use from kennel to run.

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